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Have you ever tried to be free of thoughts?

You must have started thinking.

Am I right?

Did you notice the spontaneity and rapidity of thoughts?

Why do you start thinking without any efforts?

Is it inherit quality?

Is it so from the very beginning of your evolution?

No, it is not that you were thoughtful from the very beginning of mankind.

You have been constantly forced to think and think continuously. Your society, your religion, your country wants you to think.

Thinking capacity has been labeled equivalent to intelligence.

Although it is untrue.

Intelligence is not traditional, intelligence is creative.

Intelligence is not borrowed but thinking is mostly borrowed. You can see the pattern of thinking. You can predict thoughts.

Now you must be thinking that why I am telling you to become thoughtless when everyone else around you is constantly forcing you to accumulate more and more thoughts and organize these in your store room of brain.

I know that the ability to think is the most important difference between human and rest of the animal kingdom. We have this gift. We can think, we can force other to think. We can force others to think like us and this brings the devil inside you. Thinking is important but thinking one thing repeatedly and repeatedly or repeating one thought repeatedly and repeatedly is neurotic or imbecile attitude and unfortunately the same is going on in our family, society and nation.

You are thinking constantly but still very few people lead you to wrong ways and you imbibe their thinking.


What happens?

This is happening again and again in every nook and corner of this world. This is happening because you do not have the capacity to drop your thoughts, you do not have control over your own thoughts, and even most of you do not have their own thoughts.

Try to learn the state of thoughtlessness, practice thoughtlessness if you really want to master over your own thoughts. Thoughtlessness will bring logical thinking, rational action and will improve your capacity to deal effectively with varying situations.

In simple words thoughtlessness will bring intelligence.




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What if Gudu will not able to stand in his first 12 month?(Parents are in fear)What if Mrs. X son start speaking before Gudu, what would I do?(Mrs. X is in fear)What If Guddu will fail in his board examination?(Parents are in fear and Guddu too is in fear)What if Mr. X will miss his morning bus, what will be the reaction of his Boss?(Mr. X is in fear)What if the gas cylinder will not reach home today, what will be the reaction of Mrs. X.?(Mr. X in fear)What if the prices of petrol will increase again in this month, then how will we manage?(Family is in fear)What if the audience will not like my movie, then what will happen?(Movie maker team is in fear)What if salary does not come on this month too?(Employees are in fear)What if my company will lose its high credibility?(Employer is in fear)What if rain will not come in right time this year too?(Farmer is in fear)What if I did not get a good job after my post-graduation?(Students are in fear)What if I will lose the election of this year?(Minister is in fear)What if the dacoits will have AK-47 when we will raid?(Police man is in fear)You can see and sense the kingdom of fear in every heart and soul of men today. I am not saying that the fear was not present in past.It was but the amount has increased tremendously now a days. It is not that the danger to human being survival has increased now a day. If we really go back in human development then we will be able to see the uncertainties in their day to day life. They were even not sure to get pure drinking water, so what to talk about their food arrangement. They were even not sure about their coming back to home after hunting for their food.In summary they were more and more uncertain about trivial issues of life but even these issues related with their survival were not able to make them scared like us.We human have conquered the nature partially. Now we are able to modify the effect of nature up to a great extent.But we have lost the key of courage and happiness.The devil Question still persists that why we have become so fearful?To solve this riddle and to know the answer we must go step by step.How fear born?Desire is the seed, expectation is the stem and fear is the fruit.Desire is directly proportion to fear.I think the whole picture is pretty clear now.Now we can very well say that the man of today is really fearful because he has hell lot of desire in his mind and heart.Now if you really want to live a life free of fear, you know precisely what to do?



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You must have heard this thing many a times.Is not it?Have you really ever enjoyed yourself?Yes or no.If your answer is no, then it is not good at all but at least you have immense courage to accept it.If your answer is yes then I have a question for you.Have you ever met with your own self?Are you thinking this question as gibberish?Hold it.Do not panic.Relax and give a sincere answer. No matter how it will look to other but project the truth which is deep down in you.If you know yourself, accept my congratulations. You have achieved for what you are here. Now teach this art of knowing one’s own self to many others.But if you do not know the answer, ask this question to your unknown self repeatedly in your conscious and unconscious state.WHY WE FORGET ONES OWN SELF:You do not know yourself because of the unrelenting effort of your society, your parents, your teachers and your priests from the day you born. It is not an easy work; they are working continuously that is why they are successful. They have lured you in every possible way; they have scared you in every possible way. Their whole purpose is to drag you away from your intrinsic and unique possibilities of growing in to something they have not seen or not used to.Have not you seen that you have been constantly taught about loving the others?You have been condemned for loving yourself.Why?Are you committing crime?Are not you showing gratefulness to creation of god and that is you?They want you to be other-oriented always. They want your focus outside, so that you give less time for yourself.This is a conspiracy of your so called religious gurus.They are constantly condemning you as what you are and preaching you to become like Buddha, Jesus, Rama and Krishna.They are setting certain rules and regulations and asking you to take oath for sincerely following it. They are living in fear and that is why they are giving you what they have in excess and that is fear.You have been taught to improvise yourself like the chosen role model. They are telling you to follow the rules of religion you belong, country you belong, and society you belong. They do not want you to grow naturally because this will bring the uncertainties and different possibilities. Hence they are in profession of molding the whole mankind according to their own opinion. They are not courageous enough to accept any advancement in human behavior. They are coward and they are poisoning you constantly and provoking self-hatred inside you. That is why you are not in harmony with yourself and constantly trying to be someone else.You are trying to reach the goal of life every minute and you do not know the goal.Where will you reach?Remember you will have to face the opposition if you will try to know and nourish yourself, if you will try to destroy the illusion created by your so called Gurus, kin and kith.Be courageous.Be rebellious.Everything you lose to gain your own self is nothing.It is worthy to be rebellious.When you will meet yourself, your true self?You will definitely enjoy yourself.




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A patient has been brought to me by his father. Patient (Mr. A) was 38yr old and his father was 75yr old. Patent’s father told me regarding patient’s drinking problem. Patient has become alcohol dependent for last about 2yrs. He started using alcohol as eye opener now a days and the quantity has increased significantly. Patient was advocate by profession. He had a really good reputation in his work field.

Interview with patient (Mr. A):

Psychiatrist: Hello, Mr. A, how are you?

Mr. A: Doc, what you think?

Psychiatrist: Mr. A, why will I think when I have you with me right now? Right Mr. A.

Mr. A: As you say. You are the boss.

Psychiatrist: Mr. A, I am not the boss. I am your doctor.

Mr. A: Happy to hear that I have you with me but sad that you have me with you. God save you.

Psychiatrist: Am I in trouble or danger?

Mr. .A: Are you?

Psychiatrist: I don’t know. You just said that god save me.

Mr. .A: Are you afraid?

Psychiatrist: Afraid, afraid of what?

Mr. .A: I don’t know. How would I know about your fear?

Psychiatrist: Do you know about your own?

Mr. A:  what own?

Psychiatrist: Do you know about your own fear?

Mr. A: Doc, let me correct you. Fear belongs to no one. It is not yours or mine.

Psychiatrist: Okay, so do you fear anything?

Mr. A: Yes, I fear. I fear to live anymore.

Psychiatrist: what? You fear to live. May I know why?

Mr. A: Doc, living without purpose is waste. I have lived my life now I should leave.

Psychiatrist: You are not supposed to decide about your coming in and going out from this world. Are you?

Mr. A: Am I not?

Then who else will decide my fate.

Psychiatrist: The one who is deciding.

Mr. A: Who is he?

Psychiatrist: Mr. A, is it a joke or something?

Mr. A: living or dying.

Psychiatrist: Anyone of both.

Mr. A: No Doc! Basically both are joke. At least it is true in my case.

Psychiatrist: What is your case?

Mr. A: Now you got me. Are not you?

Psychiatrist: If you think so then why do not you tell me the whole story?

Mr. A: Doc! I have a wonderful family but 2yr back I lost my only son and wife in a car accident. I had a good life, I enjoyed life’s best moments with them. I have no regrets, no complaints. Now I must leave this world so that may be in other world I would get a chance of meeting with both of them. This is my whole story. Is it confusing?

Psychiatrist: Yes it is. It is confusing. At one end you appear to be an atheist but at another end you are hopeful about other world. Is not it confusing?

Mr. A: Doc! Whatever you think. I am not a debater. I am not a priest or devil. I am just hopeful. That is it.

Psychiatrist: Now you are turning in mood of joke, right. You are hopeful.


Is this your hope?

You hope to meet your family after your death.

Why you waited that long. Why did not you die 2yrs back?

Mr. A: I am still waiting. Am I not? I am not suicidal. I will wait for my turn and I wish it would come soon.

Psychiatrist: Yes, you will die but do not hide the truth in your fancy words. Let us face the reality of your weakness. Your neurosis. You are dying because you want to die. Otherwise you have all the possibilities of living. You have become a slow killer of own existence. You have become a masochist. You are ill, you need treatment.

Mr. A: Yes, Doc! My treatment is death. My ultimate treatment is death.

Help me!

Psychiatrist: End is end but you can always restart from end only. Remember nothing is permanent. The only thought of evergreen is a lie. Acceptance needs more courage than denying.

Mr. .A: I do not know. What you want?

Psychiatrist: The question is what you want? And the bigger question is why you want?

Ask these questions to your existence and ask sincerely.

The answer will change everything around you.



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Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mind. It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over something unlikely to happen, something more improbable state or situation. Anxiety per se is not abnormal, it is not poison. Anxiety is needed for good performance and better shaping and planning of things. Anxiety is a protective mechanism.

David Barlow defines anxiety as “a future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with upcoming negative events, “and that it is a distinction between future and present dangers which divides anxiety and fear.

Now the question arises:

Is anxiety right or wrong?

Is it okay or good to become a worrier?

According to Yerkes-Dodson law, an optimal level of arousal is necessary to best complete a task such as an exam, performance, or competitive event. However, when the anxiety or level of arousal exceeds that optimum, the result is a decline in performance. Now this level of anxiety which is exceeding that optimum is pathological or abnormal anxiety.

You would have got the answer.


Now the question is regarding the difference between normal and abnormal anxiety and how one would identify the development or presence of pathological anxiety in them?


Normal anxiety is an essential part and requirement of daily life. When it becomes excessive, uncontrollable we call it abnormal or pathological anxiety which is a mental disorder. Pathological anxiety is often irrational worry about everyday things that is disproportionate to the actual source of worry,




  1. panic attacks (Anxiety Disorder) are not experienced by every person who suffers from anxiety, they are a common symptom. Panic attacks usually come without warning and although the fear is generally irrational, the subjective perception of danger is very real. A person experiencing a panic attack will often feel as if he or she is about to die or lose consciousness.
  2. Panic disorder patients tend to suffer from anticipated anxiety– a fear of having a panic attack may lead to the development of phobias.Such a phobia is called agoraphobia; this is a fear of having a panic attack in a public place or new environment and experiencing judgment from strangers or failing to attain help.
  3. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in America as approximately 40 million adults are affected by it.Not only is anxiety common in adults, but it has also been found to be more common in females rather than males.
  4. The behavioral effects of anxiety may include withdrawal from situations which have provoked anxiety in the past.
  5. The emotional effects of anxiety may include “feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst, irritability, restlessness, watching (and waiting) for signs (and occurrences) of danger, and, feeling like your mind’s gone blank.
  6. The cognitive effects of anxiety may include thoughts about suspected dangers, such as fear of dying. “You may … fear that the chest pains are a deadly heart attack or that the shooting pains in your head are the result of a tumor or aneurysm.
  7. Research upon adolescents who as infants had been highly apprehensive, vigilant, and fearful finds that their nucleus accumbens more sensitive than that in other people when deciding to make an action that determined whether they received a reward.
  8. Neural circuitry involving the amygdala and hippocampus is thought to underlie anxiety.
  9. Research is under-way to unravel possible molecular mechanisms underlying anxiety and co morbid conditions. One candidate gene with polymorphisms that influence anxiety is PLXNA.
  10.  Caffeine may cause or exacerbate anxiety disorders.
  11. Standardized screening tools such as Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale, Beck Anxiety Inventory, Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale andHAM-A (Hamilton Anxiety Scale) can be used to detect anxiety symptoms and suggest the need for a formal diagnostic assessment of anxiety disorder.
  12. The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, in The Concept of Anxiety, described anxiety or dread associated with the “dizziness of freedom”
  13. Anxiety induced by the need to choose between similar options is increasingly being recognized as a problem for individuals and for organizations. Today we’re all faced with greater choice, more competition and less time to consider our options or seek out the right advice.

Is Technological development helping us?


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Today we are living in era of technological evolution. With each passing days we are solving some new problem and we are achieving new and greater heights in world of technology. Today we are surrounded by technology both inside and outside of house. Today we are ready to explore the farthest possible point of cosmos because of development of technology. This development occurred slowly, took long time but today this has changed our whole life almost upside down. The prehistoric man and today’s man appears two very different species if we compare them on basis of technological enrichment. This development shift man from body to mind. This shifting was good per se because now we can do thousand and one work within minutes with the help of technologies. Today we have computer, television, car, bus, aero plane, cellular phone and this list is endless. All these devices have saved time and hard work of human being. Today one needs not to work hard because of machine. A machine is able to perform action in some seconds which would be done by thousands of man in long, very long time. The whole development of technology made great change in modern man. The biggest favor it done to mankind is the saving of time.

But do you think that you really have time today?

If yes.

Then, why there is constant race going on?

Why you have scarcity of time for yourself and for others?

Why you do not relax?

Why you do not visit your neighbor, your relative, your friend often?

Why you are sad, restless, and miserable?

The development of technology was good but simultaneously human mind started possessing human being. Now you have time but your mind is not ready to give you right information because if you will relax the mind will stop its main functioning which is to think and think continuously, so you are under influence of your mind. The mind is controlling you and compelling you to think continuously. You are thinking and thinking and thinking. You are thinking about past, you are thinking about future and in this process you are missing the nectar of living in present. Today you are thinking more and living less. You are becoming mind and so your senses are losing their power. You are becoming insensitive and unaware of your own changes. Mind is insatiable because satisfaction will lead you towards your nature, your being, your real identity which is far away from mind and where the mind becomes still, so that mind is constantly playing tricks with you and always sends you wrong information regarding scarcity of time and abundance of work to do in planning list, hence you are running madly and you are feeling more empty with each passing days.

You need to stop; slow down your speed and stop otherwise this illusion of time will keep you in run always. So stop and ask yourself do you really need to run like this for your living? Or this running attitude has turned in to your habit which is difficult to break now?

Why man has made all great machines?

Why we wanted technological revolution?

What is the use of all speeding machine if we are running every time?

These questions are right in front of you, you need to look for the answer and the answer is always with you. It is just your unawareness that has made you ignorant, a conscious ignorant.

If you will really search, enquire for the answers of these question, you will find the contradiction in your thinking and behavior regarding the time you have because of the presence of technologies.

Knowing will become the eye opener and then maybe you can really enjoy the benefit of technologies.

Till then try to be aware! Try to be watchful!





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I went to visit a great temple of India situated in state of Madhya Pradesh known as Mahakal. In my way to temple I come across many priests (Poojari), they were wearing dhoti with janaiu (Sacred thread) and khadau (slippers made up of wood) in feet. Most of them were having really big and dense white shaving, some of them were meditating in nooks and corners of the temple silently and some were chanting the mantras loudly, I guess from great Hindu scriptures.
Altogether the whole environment was looking very different some divine feeling was engulfing me. When I came very near to the main garbh griha (Place of jyotir linga) of Mahakal I saw people were fighting with each other in order to see the linga first. All kind of quarrel was happening between people. They were ready to die or kill others just to see a glimpse of linga. Those who were not ready to show this kind of bravery or courage were offering their prayer with the help of priests just outside of garbh griha.
I was trying to understand the reason of this stampede like situation. It has been taught to me since my childhood that the god lies in each and every particle of this universe, you will be able to see him if you are of pure heart. Now I am seeing that people are dying to see the glimpse of linga, it is not congruent to what I have been taught regarding the God. I could not gather the required courage to jump in to that madly crowd. I was just offering my prayer to god from some remarkable distance, one of priest was observing my behavior, my action and reactions, he came to me, patted on my shoulder and said “are you alright young man?”
“What happened?”
I was trying to give the answers of this middle-aged priest but before I could have said anything he said “why are you looking so afraid?.” Do not you know that this is the sacred place of Baba, Mahakal, there is no place for fear, and even fear will have fear to come to this place. So cheer-up and say Jai Mahakal.. come on say Jai Mahakal.”
I said Jai Mahakal as he demanded from me. But to be cheerful in such a dangerous situation was not my cup of tea but any how I pretended to be cheerful.
Priest came further near to me and asked me to sit on floor and helped me in doing so by grabbing my hand and pulling me down. We were sitting on floor at next moment. He said “young boy, you are here to offer your praying, right”
I said “Right”
Priest said : “why do not you give me this holy opportunity to help you in your offering of prayer to god?”
I said in tone of happiness: “I am really happy to get your nice gesture but I am done with prayer, I did it just a moment before you catch me.”
Priest:  “what you did your prayer just a moment before I catch you? What rubbish?
“I did not see you doing any rituals?”
“I did not hear you chanting any mantras?”
“What kind of prayer you did?”
I said “you mean I cannot offer my prayer without doing all this which you have told me.”
Priest: “Yes, you cannot. It is just your drama, because there is rule and regulations which is required to do your act of praying.”
I said: “OK, I will accept your help only if you will tell me the meaning of prayer.”
Priest: “Boy, you do not know me? You are just a kid in front of me, I am trained in doing prayer, I just wanted to help you and you are questioning me. This is the effect of Kaluga, this has to happen. I know Dharma is going to die very soon. People like you will kill the Dharma. You have become a monster, you are an atheist. You do not belong to this place. Why do not you leave the home of my god?
Priest became angry and so furious, he started abusing me, he started yelling names of other priests, they started coming from every possible corners of the place, I felt panic and find it better to leave the place as soon as possible. I was running out of temple and was thinking regarding the incidence.
What wrong I did?
What went wrong between me and the priest?
Am I not supposed to ask the meaning of prayer?
If the priest will not tell the meaning of prayer then who else will tell us?
There were so many questions in my mind running from here to there.
I think the prayer is just the practice of presence of god; prayer is just the exercise of faith.
To feel the presence of god I need not to do any ritual, god is available to all of us in every passing moment. It is we who are missing him every time. To feel his presence, I just need to dissolve my illusions and should ready myself to live here and now. I need to be aware and fully conscious to feel the presence of god and to offer my prayer.
I can feel him everywhere without any ritual or mantra.
Do not you think that I am right regarding my thoughts of prayer?



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A 22yr old boy brought to me by his father, the boy had attempted suicide by ingestion of some poison yesterday night, he was having low mood, irritability, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep, anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure from the activities which was pleasurable previously) and absenteeism from his college for last about 4 months.
Father (Mr. X): (looking sad with trails of tear in his cheek and margins of eye) Doctor! I do not know, what went wrong? My boy is not a coward. I never taught him to behave like this, to react like this. Why he did it? Why?
Psychiatrist: Mr. X, please do not lose your composure otherwise it would be difficult for us to reach to the root of this act.
Father (Mr.): Doctor! This is not a tall acceptable. I always told him regarding the competition of present world and the attitude one should have to deal with everyone. How can he be so weak? He is my son, my son. He made me fool in front of others.
Psychiatrist: Mr. X, will you please listen to me? Do you have any idea why your son attempted suicide?
Father (Mr.): I think he is weak. He does not have that vigor that is required for survival.
Psychiatrist: Mr., I am not asking for your expert advice regarding the underlying psychopathology of your son which compelled him to take such dangerous step.  I am just asking for any possible precipitating factors in recent days.
Father (Mr.): Doctor! My son is a marvelous student; he used to come on top of his class almost always. He was the reason of my high held head in the society. I was so proud of my son. But..
Psychiatrist: But..What?
Father (Mr.): But for last 2 years he is not able to pass the entrance test of medical. You know, even my ridiculous neighbor’s boy passed the examination but he did not.
Psychiatrist: OK.
Father (Mr.): No, it is not OK. He should not give up. This is just the beginning of life’s battle and he is quitting. This is not acceptable. I will not allow him to quit in middle of the battle. He is not alone in this fighting, I am always with him.
Psychiatrist: Mr. X, what are you talking?
Are you out of your mind? Your boy has managed to fight the most crucial battle of life and death and has managed to survive. Instead of thanking god, you are planning to give him your unnecessary advice and lecture.
Father (Mr.): Look Doctor! He is my son, my only son and I have full right to think about his good and bad. You are no one to question me. I have been asked to meet you that is why I am here.
Psychiatrist: Mr. X, please do not take me wrong, I do not want to hurt you in anyway. I just want to understand the reasons which forced your son to do this.
Father (Mr.): Doctor! He is afraid of this career of doctor. I know. I know that is why he is not giving his 100%. He wanted to be an engineer like me. Stupid engineer! He does not know the problems of engineer. He wants to spoil his golden future but I will not let him do that. He will become a doctor and doctor only. If you want to help me please tell him that the profession of doctor is the best profession among all and make him interested in this doctor profession.
Psychiatrist:  What is wrong with you? Your boy is not a small child anymore. Why do not you respect his decision? You should help him to get what he wants?
Father (Mr.): I do not know why these Emergency Department people send me to you. You are a useless fellow. You are here to increase my tension. Why do not you understand that I am an engineer if I am telling that the life of engineer sucks then why do not you understand? I am trying to help my boy and I will help him, he is innocent, he does not know what one have to face after being an engineer.
Psychiatrist: Mr., I am sorry to say that you need help more than your boy. He is not coward, but he is trapped in your opinion walls and he is feeling suffocated. I have not yet met him but I can feel his restlessness and anguish. You are sitting in his head and you are driving him crazy. You are forcing your own decision over him which is not acceptable. I am sorry to say but he is not coward but you are really afraid of your own status. You are a looser and unconsciously you want the same for your boy.
Father (Mr.): Doctor! Thank you for your gibberish advice. Whatever you say, it is just hypothetical sayings. You are no one to judge about engineer’s life. I am an engineer, I know better and I will not let my boy suffer like me.
1.   Father over generalized the opinion of being an engineer.
2.   Father is suffering from decrease self confidence.
3.   Father is projecting his own status onto boy.
4.   Father is crossing his boundaries of influence.
5.   Freedom of the boy has been compromised.
6.   Life has been projected as war by the father instead of joy and opportunity.
7.   The boy has been told about competition and never told regarding compassion.



Exam phobia has become so common phenomena now a day that everyone of us talks about it and mostly this topic comes in demand obviously during season of exams. We can very well relate with it but I will ask you to stop thinking regarding  exam phobia for a moment, now you will ask me come to the point and tell us some measures to fight with it. Yes I am going to give you some mantras which I think will help you definitely but before that try to understand the phenomena.
Do you?
Think again.
May be some of you must be knowing the meaning of phobia but may be some of you would not.
Let’s start from start because knowing your enemy is the first step of any battle.
May be some of you would thinking that fear of something is phobia. Let it be exam or any other situation or any other stimulus or something else.
Is this your definition of phobia?
If yes, then I would say you are half correct and half incorrect.
In total you are not perfectly right.
Then what is the meaning of this phobia. Let me tell you the definition of phobia.
“Phobia is recurring excessive and unreasonable psychological or autonomic
Symptoms of anxiety, in the (anticipated) presence of a specific feared object or situation leading, whenever possible, to avoidance”
Now you can very well understand the difference between exam fear and exam phobia.
Let me tell you one thing very clearly and with total sincerity that the fear of exam is an essential element for good performance and there is nothing wrong in it. Even in most of the cases this fear transforms an ordinary student/learner in to someone very potent student. This constant fear forces you to plan accordingly otherwise you will not get prepared. This anticipatory fear turns you in to well prepared and rehearsed examinee. You should thank your fear and should try to shape yourself accordingly. You should channelize this energy of fear in to your preparedness acts.
If a student does not recognize this fear of exam early in his or her course and do not respond back to it enthusiastically mostly this fear transforms in to monster we called as exam phobia. Many students then do not feel comfortable to handle this tension and breaks down psychologically and hence they avoid the annoying and disturbance producing situation which is exam in itself.
As you all know that prevention is better than cure.
It applies here too, being parents or students you have the liability to recognize this fear of exam as early as possible and get prepare a plan to handle this fear of exam or to conquer over it, before it is too late to respond back. You need to have aProactive approach to stop this dangerous conversion of fear in to phobia.
1.     DO NOT LOSE HOPE: The rule of life applies here. You see your life is hanging around thousand and one uncertainty but despite all of it, you never lose your hope and you keep on making new and new, better and better plans for every coming day. Irrespective of hundred failed plans you keep on making new plans because you have the most precious fuel of life and that fuel of life is hope. This is your hope which forces you to do something and you express your presence to everyone around you. This hope is the driving force. Hope against every hope which is against you.
2.     REMEMBER YOU ARE STILL NOT FAILEDFailure is just a temporary term, it is very poor term. Failure has a small life if you want to kill it or you have every possibility that you will abolish this term from your head and permanently from your dictionary. Remember one has to go through the un-pleasurable events and situations if he really wants to taste the sweet moments. I had read an article with the topic saying, success appears sweet to those who do not succeed. Basically everything in this life which you attain with dedication and hard work appears really sweet. After your encounter with your feared object, your failure or success becomes secondary, what matters a lot is the fighting attitude and approach because with this approach you can win any time.
3.     ANALYZE YOUR STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSEvery coin has two sides so is the person strength and the weakness. There is no one in this earth who born with only either of both. So gather your strength and gather them quickly. One should always be positive in this negativity producing world.
e.g. (rehearse and memorize the topics which you think you know little more and have less confusions.).
4.     DO NOT BE JUDGEMENTALAlways remember you are just a student. Do not try to be a palmist or astrologer. You should live in your present and should forget about past performances and should not be worry about the result. Whatever is going to happen will happen, it is none of your work to worry for that. Yes you can change your present because that is the only time you have in your hand so do not lose it by thinking about past and the future.
5.   REMEMBER THOSE WHO WIN, LOSE TOO Accepting the challenge of encounter with your greatest fear is in itself an act of bravery. Remember those who jump into war without second thoughts regarding the outcome of it mostly wins the battle. Yes there is high possibility that you will succeed because you are utilizing your every possible energy in your action. Even if you failed you will have no regret and you will have no guilt so you can participate in it any better next time. There is second chance for everyone and you are not an exception.
5.     ASK FOR STRATEGIC HELPIt is always good to have good advice; this advice can come from family members, your friends or any expert.
Asking for help will never proof you idiot or weak but it is other way around the sign of intelligence and bravery. You must be having many intelligent and mature people in form of parents, siblings and subject experts; this is your duty to inform them regarding your circumstances. You deserve their advice and you are free to form your own opinion. This act of asking help will not only be fruitful for you, it will bring the feeling of happiness for them and will increase the bonding of both the sides.



I can remember my childhood; I always used to ask my father to please visit for magic show. Those shows were wonderful, full of energy, curiosity and lots of sudden surprises. The entry of magician, his attire, his dialogues, his mumbling mantras all were really fascinating not only for children’s but for adults too.
Today when I am an adult, I am thinking, thinking what made all of us so inclined and interested in a magic show. Down the ages the significance of that magic is still there, even today my son constantly ask me to go for a magic show.
Generation has changed but the magic of magic shows is still there.
What is there in this act of magic?
What is there in this art of magic?
Why we love magic?
To understand and get the answer of this question I started my review from the place where this whole thing started. Yes, you are right. I started remembering my childhood and every single factor which made me obsessed about magic.
I can recall with comfort that the act of egg to hen and hen to egg conversion was my favorite. It was really surprising to see that in fraction of seconds the magician converts egg into hen and vice versa. I used to become stunned in this act. There was one more act in that the magician used to convert the note into coins and vice versa.
Through much observation and introspection, I think the most important factor which is the substance of all the magic is time taken in completion of the act.
Now to see this transition in slow movement would be boring or very ordinary.
What would be the fun in seeing egg to be converted in to hen or the vice versa of this slowly or more precisely natural conversion?
Similarly what would be the fun in seeing notes to be converted in to coins or the vice versa if this happens slowly or more precisely natural conversion?
Basically we want the work or the mission to be done in seconds, which is only possible in magic shows because the magic is unreal, far away from reality and we do not like reality because in reality every act or mission need your hard work and takes time to get completed. During this process of completion you find yourself surrounded by self-doubts, uncertainty and negative thoughts in total you have to fight with your every possible weakness to conquer or complete your mission.
You have lost your patience and you are in hurry, you do not want to wait, you want to taste the juicy fruit but you do not want to wait the transformation of seed into fruit.
So how will you be able to taste the fruit?
You will try to cut down the time spend in this natural process and will introduce some man-made catalytic agent in this process which will make this whole beautiful and natural process in to ordinary and dull artificial process.
You love magic because you cannot stop your running to wait for something to complete. You want that things should be completed on your own will without effect of any other modalities.
If you will be able to stop your endless run for some time you would be able to see the absurdity of your restlessness and hurriedness and then only you will be able to cherish the normal process of slowly happening of things. You will be able to see the magic or more precisely the miracle hidden in each and every process of nature.